Do you see fine lines, dark circles, and wrinkles on your face? Octyl-H night depigmentation cream is an anti-aging cream that will give a perfect glow to the skin. Due to heavy pollution and lots of stress, your skin tends to lose moisturizer. Octyl-H will return the lost moisture of your damaged skin. This cream reduces wrinkles and fine lines. After applying this cream, your skin will feel hydrated, healthy, and soft. Although it does not promise to completely remove your dark pigmented cells, dark spots, and age spots yet, it can reduce them. You will feel confident and regain your lost self-esteem. Octyl-H will work wonders on your dry skin as it works deeply, thus moisturizing your skin for a longer period.

Ingredients used:

Enriched with a unique mix of squalane, hyaluronic acid, mango butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera gel vitamin E and retinol, it will help soften your skin and give your skin intensive nourishment. It comes in a 50gms pack.

How to apply:

You must apply Octyl-H cream liberally after cleaning your face with a mild face wash and pat dry. Apply it evenly on your face after squeezing 2 to 3 fingertip size cream. For absorption, gently massage it.

Some interesting facts:

We normally say ‘beauty sleep’. Our skin tends to break when we sleep. You will need a night cream that can control wrinkles. The last effort we all make for our skin by the end of the day is applying night cream. It is the most effective way to boost the process of skin renewal to get a youthful glow. Adding Octyl-H night cream to your skincare routine can prove to be a great way to boost energy. As the name suggests, octyl-H will take care of your skin at night and give a natural glow to your aging skin. This product will also protect your skin from further darkening. Designed by dermatologists, this night cream fairs your skin, tightens your skin, and removes blemishes.


country of origin: India

batch : mentioned on product

Weight: 50 GM

MRP: 599 rupees

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dimensions of inner bottle

height: 2 cm

diameter: 5.5 cm

manufacturer and packing:

A one cosmetics product GMP And ISO 14001:2015 Certified Company

D-11,plot no.54,rama road industrial area,

Delhi -110015

Mfg.Lic No.(0089)/13/CM/6347

manufacturing: mentioned on product

expiry: mentioned on product

brand owner: skora healthcare pvt ltd, India
336, W.K Road,
Near Bachha Park ,
Chippi tank, Meerut

costumer care : 6397358430

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50 Gram


Octyl-H Night Depigmentation Cream


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