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At Skora, we believe that our skin and hair are two of our most precious belongings. They deserve all the love, care and attention we can give it to maintain its beauty, radiance and longevity.
As a result, skin breakouts, hair fall and thinning, under-eye and face pigmentation, and sun tan, etc., are common problems that many of us struggle with, at some point of time or the other. Often, the problem gets so aggravated that we begin to get stressed and lose our patience.
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Skora is a healthcare and skincare brand in India.
We manufacture a wide range of safe, dermatologically tested and approved cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals products that reduce hair loss, treat pigmentation and help in deep face cleansing and tissue repair.

Established in 2014, we are a team of driven individuals, committed to making sure that your choice of authenticity and timelessness comes to life.

With a customer base that spreads across India and internationally as well,

Brand SKORA stands synonymous with Trust, Quality, Safety, Security, Contentment and Confidence.
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Our philosophy is to create exceptional-quality products for our customers that are safe to use and offer lifelong contentment.

Since our products are dermatologist-approved, both men and women in the vast age group of 18-70 can use them with confidence and trust.


What sets apart our cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals products from other names in the market is our commitment to offering you result-oriented SKORA products that work!

Our pharma products, cosmeceutical products, multivitamins and health supplements have a good safety profile and offer excellent results with correct usage. They have not only been prescribed to patients but have also been personally tested and used by dermatologists across India.

The MinoxSkora Solution/Spray for Hair Re-growth is a must-buy if you are struggling with hair fall and hair thinning problems. It can be used post hair transplant and to diffuse hair loss (including eyebrows and beard). 

Take, for example, our Reansta Hair Mask Hair Volumizer, a powerful product that adds volume to limp and dull hair while controlling hair fall. 

Slow hair growth is another common problem in many men and women. Skora comes to the rescue with its Reansta Hair Serum. This powerful growth stimulating serum controls hair loss and actively repairs hair roots. It should be used on the scalp and massaged into the roots, twice daily for hair gain and longer hair.

The HVSs Shampoo will make your hair smoother, stronger and shinier with every use. It reduces hair fall and prevents flake formation. Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera extract, this shampoo will benefit you with its antioxidant and protective properties.

The Octyl Cream Under Eye and Face Depigmentation Cream is a safe and effective day care face cream that improves hyper pigmentation. It can be used to treat dark skin, dark spots, melasma and under-eye darkness. Since it is a safe product, you can use it over a period of time.

If you are looking for safe ways to get back your skin’s lost moisture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, try out our Octyl-H Night Depigmentation Cream. This night care cream combines the benefits of cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, aloe vera and Vitamin E and minimizes advanced ageing effects.

Another bestselling skincare product from Skora is the Epra-S Facewash Gentle Exfoliative. An anti-ageing and anti-acne face wash; it combines the benefits of Witch Hazel (remedy for skin inflammation and irritation) and Vitamin E (antioxidant that protects the skin against sun’s rays).

Check out the Epra Handmade Gentle Soap (for sensitive skin) which is a mildly fragrant, refreshing soap, just right for sensitive skin and can be used by everyone in the family!

Staying out in the sun daily for long periods can be detrimental to your skin. Skora’s Octyl-Sun Non-Comedogenic Hypoallergenic Sun Protection sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 offers superior protection against the sun’s rays and should be applied at least 30 min before going out.

Do you need a gentle moisturiser to use in Atopic Dermatitis or to repair and restore your damaged skin? Try Skora’s Octyl-M Lotion Deep Repairing Moisturizer, ideal for use all over the body, especially your palms and soles of the feet.


At Skora, we aim to help more and more customers free themselves of nagging skin and hair problems. To this end, we have made our products available to customers all over India.

To place your order, visit our website’s SHOP section and get your favourite skin and hair care products home-delivered.

If you prefer cash on delivery, you can also order the same products from FLIPKART and AMAZON our online partner.


In 2016, Skora Healthcare Pvt Ltd won the prestigious ‘Global Healthcare Excellence Award’. We look forward to many more achievements with our customers’ support and encouragement.


Every individual associated with Skora Healthcare Pvt Ltd is on a joint mission to serve more and more customers and assist them in alleviating their skin and hair care problems.

Our vision is to build trust in our products and services by working to the best of our strengths in serving our valued customers.

We are always open to feedback and would love to hear from you.

We look forward to serving your skin and hair care needs soon.


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