Malnutrition is very common in our country. Around 18 lakhs people of India are malnourished severely. That’s when our oxyskora tablets come to the rescue. Oxyskora tablets are used for those with vitamin deficiency due to a poor diet. Vitamins are considered important building blocks of the body. Vitamins keep you healthy.

Ingredients used:

These tablets are composed of multivitamins, biotin, omega 3 fatty acids, folic acid, niacinamide, vitamin E, calcium pantothenate, Lysine, biotin, EPA, and DHA.

How to use?

Buy a strip of 10 tablets. You can take it any time of the day. Don’t take more than 3 g per day. To get the most benefit, take oxyskora tablets regularly.

Some interesting facts:

You will be amazed to know why Oxyskora tablets are incredibly important. These tablets have various powerful health benefits for your brain and body. Are you lethargic, sad, and lost interest in life? Oxyskora tablets can help you fight anxiety and depression. Interestingly getting enough Oxyskora can reduce the risk of macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of permanent blindness and eye damage. Oxyskora tablets are crucial for development in infants and brain growth. It is not surprising that infants who eat these tablets have better eyesight than the ones who don’t have them. Having oxyskora at pregnancy can decrease the risk of cerebral palsy and autism in your child, decrease the risk of developmental delay, lesser behavioral problems, better social and communication skills, and higher intelligence. Heart attacks and strokes have become a leading cause of death. These tablets are used with diet to raise good cholesterol levels and lower the level of particular blood fat. Oxyskora can reduce blood pressure and obesity. These tablets help in Alzheimer’s disease.


country of origin: India

batch : mentioned on product

each strip contains : 10 tablet

MRP ( inclusive of all taxes) : 225 rupees per STRIP of 10 tablets

dimensions of each strip :

6.5 cm

11 cm

manufacturing and packaging:

EXOTIC HELTHCARE Plot no.1305, Sector 82, JLPL Mohali , SAS Nagar (PB)

manufacturing: mentioned on product

expiry : mentioned on product

fssai lic no : 12117801000031

brand owner: Skora healthcare pvt ltd, India
336, W.K Road,
Near Bachha Park ,
Chippi tank, Meerut

costumer care : 6397358430

email : [email protected]


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Oxyskora Tablets ( omega 3, biotin, L- lysine)

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