Some conditions like travel and the use of antibiotics can alter the normal balance of yeast or bacteria. This is when the Skorpre capsules come. These are used to restore normal micro-organisms and improve digestion.

Ingredients used:

Skorpre capsules are a combination of both probiotics and prebiotic properties. They contain various micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeast. Naturally, microorganisms are found in the stomach and intestine. These capsules come in a 10 x 10 pack.

How to use:

Skorpre tablets are most effective when you take them 30 minutes before a meal or consume them before breakfast. A common question that arises is that can skorpre tablets be consumed daily? It is safe to consume these capsules.

Some interesting facts:

You must not confuse these supplements with medicines. Are you interested to know how they work? These tablets stimulate the immune system by breaking down potentially toxic food components and synthesizing amino acids and certain vitamins. Due to particular conditions, the normal microbial flora present in your gut gets disturbed and leads to malabsorption and diarrhea. Skorpre capsules with their prebiotic and probiotic components help restore the intestine’s normal bacterial flora. Digestion and absorption are also improved with this capsule. These capsules are also used to treat urinary tract infections, lactose intolerance, vaginal yeast infections, eczema, and bowel problems such as irritable bowel and diarrhea.

country of origin: India

batch : mentioned on product

MRP ( inclusive of all taxes) of each strip of 10 capsules: 140 rupees

size of each strip length and breadth:

6.5 cm

11 cm

manufacturer and packing:

Sidhbali Formulations Narsan Khurd Kh.No.215,Tehsil Roorkee,Distt.

Haridwar (UK) Mfg.Lic No.: 54/UA/SC/P- 2006

mfg lic no : 54/UA/SC/P-2006

manufacturing year: mentioned on product

expiry year : mentioned on product

brand owner: Skora healthcare pvt ltd, India
336, W.K Road,
Near Bachha Park ,
Chippi tank, Meerut

costumer care : 6397358430

email : [email protected]


40 mL


Skorpre Capsules ( pre and probiotic ) immunity booster

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