Is your under eyes puffed when you get up in the morning? Our skin problems often get so aggravated that we lose patience and get stressed. Octyl cream will help the tissue repair and treat your skin’s pigmentation. It is a safe product, and you may use it for a while. No cream will fully obliterate dark circles, but this cream can lighten the dark circles.

Ingredients used:

The main ingredients are caprylic acid, capric acid, octocrylene, vitamin E, kokum butter, avobenzone, and coconut oil. This sulfate and paraben-free, non-comedogenic, and non-greasy cream is quite safe for your skin.

How to apply?

To get picture-perfect skin, wash your face with Epra S facewash or any other mild facewash, rinse, pat, and dry. Then take 2-3 fingertip size cream and apply the octyl cream evenly on your face. Massage it gently on your neck and face area. Make sure to apply it around your eyes. Contact with eyes may irritate. You should not apply the cream to inflamed or broken skin. Do not forget to apply twice a day to gain the best result.

Some interesting facts:

A few strangers would approach you on a bad day and ask if you are ok as your swollen eye and broken skin misleads tears. Often your under-eye and skin problems are rumored as genetic. You have very little control over them. Your hunt is finally over, and you are at the right place. Octyl cream under eye and face depigmentation cream is a depigmentation cream. It works great for under-eye darkness, melisma, dark spots, and dark skin. It can be used by females and males both. If your skin is hyperpigmented, Octyl cream will do wonders. You must avoid sun rays to get the best results.


country of origin: India

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height: 7.3 cm

diameter: 3.1 cm

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A one cosmetics product ,D-11,plot no.54,rama road industrial area

Delhi -110015

Mfg.Lic No.(0089)/13/CM/6347

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brand owner: Skora healthcare pvt ltd, India
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Near Bachha Park ,
Chippi tank, Meerut

costumer care : 6397358430

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Octyl Cream Under Eye And Face Depigmentation Cream

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